Triple Goddess Cuff

Triple Goddess Cuff


This beautiful mixed media bracelet contains the symbol for the Triple Goddess, a symbol which represents the cycles of life shown by the phases of the moon.The waxing moon phase, or the "Maiden", represents the beginning. It's where we start and it's all about learning and growth. In this phase of our life we experience the joy of being a child at play, exploring love and the newness of our existence. In this we discover what we love, and how we can manifest that into potential.


The full moon phase, or the "Mother", represents the fruiting or peak of experience. It is where we have reached a point when we understand more fully of who we are, and are now able to create in the space something beautiful from all of that knowledge. In this phase we are picking the fruits from the harvest, acknowledging what has blossomed in our growth and is now ripened.


The waning moon phase, or the "Crone", represents the ending of the cycle. It is the period in which we have created beauty in our lives and we now recognize that a chapter is over. It is now time to let go and offer what we have learned in the process as a service to others. We don't just die and that is all, no, far from it. In this phase we find a higher purpose in the helping of others along the path.


This process is not a "one and done" experience. We live this cycle numerous times within our lifetime, within a year of seasons, and even within a day. We are dynamic beings that are an integrated part of the natural world, and our lives reflect this.


The Triple Goddess Cuff is a reminder of this reality. We must embrace the natural state of our existence, and that state is forever changing. Move with the seasons, flow with the rivers of change, and swing on the spiral of life.


Handmade with love, and fashioned with recycled copper, 92.5 sterling silver, and dendritic agate.


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