Amethyst Tree of Life Ring

Amethyst Tree of Life Ring


The stunning silver ring contains an amethyst wrapped with the symbol for the Tree of Life. This symbol has been used throughout time to signify our connection to the natural and spiritual world, and the beautiful relationship between the two.


The symbol of the Tree of Life has roots in various traditions and can be interpreted in many ways. The way that I work with the Tree is through seeing the connection between Heaven and Earth. There is a hermetic principle that can be stated "As above, so below. As within, so without." This speaks so well to the ideas behind the Tree of Life. Just like the mighty trees that surround us we are rooted in the earth and our spirit connects to the heavens. Our roots run deep and our branches grow tall to reach and touch the great mysteries outside us. Yet in the same way as we touch those mysteries outside, so too do they touch the mysteries inside of us.


The symbol reminds us we must grow and there are seasons of this growth. There is the sprouting or bursting forth of life in the Spring. Then comes is intense and powerful thriving in the Summer. After that we celebrate the harvesting of fruits in the Fall. And finally we experience the necessary challenge and grief of shedding in the Winter. These cycles repeat within us and without us on the scale of the macro and the micro. This is the spiralic nature of the universe. This is the medicine of the Tree of Life.


I welcome you to embrace your connection to the natural universe.


Handmade with love from 92.5 Sterling Silver and Amethyst. Size 8.5 (can be resized for $10 extra)


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