Sterling Silver Handwoven Triquetra w/Chain

Sterling Silver Handwoven Triquetra w/Chain


“What was scattered


What was gathered

blows away.”

― Heraclitus


The triquetra is an ancient Celtic symbol, dating back to 500 BCE. In these times, the symbol signified the connection of the maiden, mother, and crone, or triple goddess. This trinity of forces can be seen across countless cultures, and throughout nature. From the cycle of life, death, and rebirth to the passage of time from past, present, and into the future, the trinity exists all around us.


Tap into the elements of balance and wholeness with this stunning handcrafted triquetra. Each piece is made of sterling silver wire, which has been carefully woven into itself, creating a literal Celtic knot. This weaving echoes the way our lives are interwoven into each other, the environment, and Spirit, and the cycles therein.


Each piece is individually handcrafted and consecrated in Bellingham, WA.