Ketu Earrings

Ketu Earrings


These handmade Ketu earrings are one of a kind set made from sterling silver and pearl. These talismans were made as a reminder that there is beauty inside the pain of our past.


The pearls are a symbol of the moon, and their creation is one of intense struggle. As we all may know, through irritation by sand a pearl is formed inside an oyster. This is a beautiful metaphor for how we are shaped throughout our lifetimes. The difficulty we encounter is a grace offered to us by the universe, and that grace brings forth unique beauty in ways we could have never imagined, if we are open to it.


Like this, we must remember what we have brought with us, and what Ketu teaches us, is not just pain for the sake of hurting, but pain for the sake of growth of the limitless and beautiful potential we all hold. These earrings serve as a bountiful reminder of who you are, and would make a gorgeous addition to your talisman collection.


Also pairs beautifully with the Neptune Pendant available in the shop 💜


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