A Few Words for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

In case you haven't yet heard, Mercury is stationing retrograde today! Despite the bad rap that Mercury often gets, this is really an amazing time for us to find integrity and shed what no longer serves us. Yes, Mercury will play some often very challenging games with us during this time, but in reality it's his way of getting our attention away from the norm of what we often take advantage of when it comes to communication and technology. It's a way of getting us to really look at what is important for us on an individual level, and for each of us that manifests differently.

This retrograde starts in the sign of Pisces, which is a mutable water sign. On the very surface level of what we can see consciously, this may lead to our communication feeling like its drowned, and possibly not as easy to flow as is normal for us. Since the water is mutable, there is the sense that it may be flowing too fast, and we need to slow ourselves down to really make sure that other hears us, and we them. But there is much more going on in the subconscious that may rise to the surface in unpredictable ways. What it is for you, I can't say, but I reckon there will be something hidden deep in the waters of Pisces for you to shed. And remember, this shedding is not only necessary for your growth, but for the growth of the collective as a whole. Let it out and talk about it, we only keep what we have by giving it away.

This is the end of Mercury's cycle, and with all cycles there comes this necessity to shed (let dissolve, remember it's water). The cycle we are currently in started at the end of October of last year (2019), so this is a good time to reflect on what has happened in the last months, identify these things we have grown from, honor them, and kindly let them go. And then on February 25, Mercury will start his new cycle by creating a conjunction with the Sun at 6 degrees Pisces. It is often helpful to contemplate the sabian symbol of the angles of these important conjunctions. For 6 degrees Pisces Rudhyar wrote this:

"Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist."

With the sabian symbols, it's best to sit with the imagery and let whatever comes up for you come up for your own interpretation of the meaning. Discuss it with friends, then if you feel inspired you can do an internet search to see what it brings up for others ( has some pretty good interpretations of the symbols).

After Mercury's conjunction with the Sun, he will then continue to retrograde, dipping back into Aquarius on March 4 for a few days, before stationing direct on March 9. The period from the beginning of his cycle (February 25) to stationing direct (March 9) is always a time in which Mercury will bring us many new ideas in a somewhat chaotic flurry. He is still retrograde, and quite unpredicable, but we can think of him as young and full of life, curiosity and ambition. During these times we can experience this in ourselves as a period of intense research, we may find ourselves surrounded by books, or writing ideas furiously in our notebooks, or having 27 tabs open in our web browsers (if the internet is working!). Embrace this time, and flow with it wherever it may take you, because it doesn't last long! Don't forget to write things down! We do not own these ideas, they are gifted grace from the universe and not from our mind. The mind never had it in the first place, so why should we expect to remember later down the road?

Then as Mercury stations direct on March 9, it is the second part of his cycle, and time for action! The ideas that have been appearing are ready for experimental manifestation. This is a wonderful time to start taking all that research and applying it to new projects. Have fun and try new things while not being attached to any sort of "successful" outcome. We learn in this process, and what will need to stay will stay, and what will need to go will be shed at the start of the next Mercury retrograde.

So, that is just a little snippet into what this Mercury retrograde and new cycle will bring for us. As always, keep an open mind and take only what resonates with you. The real process is finding out for yourself how the archetype of Mercury is manifesting within you and your relationships. Have fun, stay open, and as my friend Adam Sommer ( always reminds, "We don't know enough to worry."

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